Oppo A96

The topic that I can tell you here is related to the best mobile for gaming. there are many best gaming phone in the market the most best and likely by many people is the Oppo A96.

Oppo is the best company it can launch many mobiles in the market. In Oppo a96 they are many best feature in this mobile many people can buy it it prices high firstly it prices low but many people can buy it then is the price of mobile will increase. Oppo A96 mobile is best for gaming it can provide many features in it the battery of this mobile is very good it can spend too much time about one or two days. Open a96 best smartphone because he provides a lot of new specification in all of the world this smartphone is midrange smartphone and when you buy another smartphone so you need high budget but the smartphone is low in value responsible price.

so that’s why you can easily afford this smartphone this smartphone is waterproof also you can see in this smartphone IP67 rating so that’s me the smartphone is waterproof if you play this smartphone in the rainy season so you can easily see the smartphone easily work under person good so that’s why people love this smartphone 96 launch in fab 2012 this smartphone launched in in this month with unique feature the smartphone launched various types of variants and first of all the first beard is 4GB RAM and 2128GB SSD storage.

the second variant is HGB Ram with 256GB storage type and the third variant is 12GB RAM with one TV storage room also all the variant comes with US 2.1 storage so that’s me in the smartphone read and work speed is 100% fast as compared to previous smartphone so that’s smartphone is launched with unique features of that’s why main people wear this smartphone the smartphone is one of the best smartphones all over the world.

because all time Apple loans with best quality camera smartphone you can see the camera app allows new specification like timelapse with speed 100% fast you can easily control all the camera future with one finger only you want the camera app access timelapse slow motion portrait mode portrait mode 3 types available in this camera app so that’s why people love this smartphone you can take a lot of pictures with bright quality and full HD clear result the smartphone backside for cameras all camera comes with 50 megapixel.

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